Randi Kleerbaum wechselt in die finnische Floorball Liga

Finland-check with Randi Kleerbaum (in English)

In the next season there will be a big gap in the women’s team of the SSF Dragons Bonn. Center Randi Kleerbaum is heading to Turku. At the FBC Loisto she takes on the challenge to play floorball in Finland – or maybe it’s better to say „to live floorball in Finland“. In my experience in Finland you don’t play floorball incidentally. In Finland floorball comes first for the players.
I have repeatedly said that we will really miss Randi, not only because you can rely on her in every situation of the game. Randi has in fact a great personality. Of course I didn’t want to let her go so easily therefore Randi had to take a specially prepared test made by a certified Finn-at-heart – me!

Let’s go … oh yes by the way … the atmosphere during the test was not very serious!
Oh yes … oh yes … you can also have a guess! Post your answers below… there is nothing to win !!!

Daniel: Randi, thank you for joining this preparation course. We begin with a killer question from the world of „Politics & Geo science“:

1. What is the capital of Finland?
a) Hellsinski
b) Helsinki
c) Helsingborg

Randi: Yes, thank you, you know I had no choice! But I know the answer: 1b) Helsinki.

Daniel: Yes, okay, I accept the answer. But now … German football national coaches were already frantic about this question:

2. How are called the inhabitants of Finland?
a) Finnlander
b) Finns
c) Suomen

Randi: * yawns * Are there any exciting questions left? With a little feeling for the language and knowledge I’d say 1b) Finns. Perhaps even 1c) Suomen because Finland is also called Suomi?!?

Daniel: Now I’ll get you:

3. Where there is a correct Finnish phrase?
a) Kas ma olen arreteeritud? See oli arusaamatus.
b) Ö, ö, hö ö. Hö ös mö.
c) Kokoo koko kokko kokoon. Koko kokkoko kokoon? Koko kokko kokoon.

Randi: 3a) – sounds to me most commonly and would make more sense than a sentence of only K’s and Ö’s … or not?

Daniel: So, after three issues, we now get to the exciting part;)

4. What’s the worst finnish swearword you know?

Randi: vittu * (* no further comments, embarrassed silence)

Daniel: A quick change of the subject brings us to sport:

5. Which of these sports was invented in Finland?
a) Mud Football
b) Rubber Boot Throwing
b) Wife Carrying

Randi: 5b) sounds very funny to me and as there are many lakes in Finland there are certainly a lot of rubber boots.

Daniel: So, when it comes to Finland, I cannot miss a sauna question:

6. How many degrees is the starting temperature in the men’s Sauna World Cup?
a) 90 ° C
b) 100 ° C
c) 110 ° C

Randi: 6b) – When you don’t have a clue you should usually take the answer in the middle, not the highest and not the lowest… But, to be honest, I have no idea.

Daniel: Randi, tell me something on this issue:

7. What do you think about kalsarikänni?
a) yup
b) nope
c) super!

Randi: 7c) is always a good attitude, very positive. Should I mention that I do not know what kalsarikänni is? Hmm…

Daniel: I’ll provide proper sustenance and present to you an exquisite selection of Finnish food. What would you eat:

8. Which of these foods you will definitely try?
a) Mämmi
b) Karjalanpiirakka
c) Nakkikastike

Randi: I will definitely try and Mämmi and Nakkikastike! a) just sounds like you can eat it and c) sounds yummy, so the food is certainly tasty.

Daniel: Two more very intimate questions about love life … which must be seen as a reward for those who are still reading this long post!

9. What are you doing with Oltermanni, Oivariini and Reissumies?
a) flirt
b) eat
c) clean

Randi: I’m generally a food person, so I think I’m not going wrong with the answer 9b).

Daniel: Okay, after Oltermanni Comes another one…

10. What do you say to someone who asks you out on a date?
a) Minä tapaan sinua puistossa
b) Minä tapan sinua puistossa
c) Minä tavaan „puistossa“ sinulle

Randi: I do not know where the difference between tapaan and tapan with only one „a“ is, but since the Finns like to hang vowels together, I suppose 10a).

Daniel: Very good, thank you for your participation! Me personally, I am very glad that you did not answer b) on the last question – so we can still look forward to having you back with us in one year 😉

Have fun in Finland!

PS: The correct answers you will find on floorballrocker.de tomorrow : P